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Agenda of the 1-24-14 meeting

Resources Building 1st. Floor, 1416 9th St., Sacramento,CA 95814-5511
Friday January  24, 2014- 9:00 a.m.

1.   Chair’s Report, Commissioner reports/comments,  Recognitions.

  A.   Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves.    Motion and Vote

2.  Director’s Report, including:

  -    Focus on key department initiatives and issues, including major issues related to particular State Park System units.

  -    Update on California State Parks’ 150th Anniversary celebration. 

  -    Presentation on the initiative to improve the process employed to develop park unit general plans.

3.  Parks Forward presentation/update by Parks Forward Initiative staff.

4.  Update on California State Parks’ budget.

5.   Overview of California State Parks’ outreach programs for under served communities. Presentation will include descriptions of key programs, objectives, targeted communities, resources devoted to programs, program results, key statistics, and plans for the future.

 LUNCH WORKSHOP: The Commission Chair will adjourn the business meeting for approximately 45 minutes between noon and 1:00 p.m. to conduct the workshop. Topics will include planning Commission meetings for the balance of 2014, and additional support required to address Commission workload.

6. Public Hearing:

   A. Consideration and adoption of Commission’s criteria per AB1478.

   B.  Maintenance Workshop - Presentation and discussion of ongoing and deferred maintenance projects at California State Parks. Topics will include the funding gap in cyclic maintenance, process improvements to increase the accuracy of the maintenance database, critical deferred maintenance projects, and next steps.

   C.  Consideration and possible action on the Department recommendation to approve the Preliminary General Plan and Environmental Impact Report for Old Sacramento State Historic Park.

7. Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed agenda items).

8. Adjourn.