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 Agenda of the 5-16-14 meeting

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Meeting of the
Casa Italiana Cultural Center, 1051 North Broadway, Los Angeles
May 16, 2014 - 9:00 a.m.

Improving Access, Increasing Relevancy, and Building Park Constituencies in California’s Underserved Communities


California State Senator Kevin de Leόn will provide welcoming remarks.

1.  Chair’s Report, Commissioner reports/comments,  Recognitions.

   - Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves as requested by Save the Redwoods League.

2.  Director’s Report. 

3.  Parks Forward presentation/update by Parks Forward Initiative staff.

4.  Overview of Park Access Issues for Urban and Underserved Communities: Commissioner Elva Yanez.

5.  Best Management Practices and Lessons Learned by Exemplary Programs:

   -  Alina Bokde, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust.

   -  Amy Lethbridge, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

   -  Elizabeth Carmody, East Bay Regional Park District.

   -  Russ Guiney, Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.

   -  Barbara Romero, Los Angeles Board of Public Works.

 LUNCH Workshop– A 45-minute lunch break will be called at approximately noon.

6.  National Initiatives:

   -  David Szymanski, National Park Service, Santa Monica Mountains National Rec Area.

   -  Belinda Faustinos, National Park Service Latino Legacy Initiative.

7.  Partnership Opportunities:

   -  Manal Aboelata, Managing Director, Prevention Institute.

   -  Malcom Carsons, General Council and Policy Directory, Environmental Health/Community Health Councils, Inc.

   -  Irma Muñoz, President, Mujeres de la Tierra.

   -  Bruce Saito, Executive Director, LA Conservation Corps.

8.  Overview of the evaluation of State Parks’ outreach & engagement programs.

9.  Public Comment (including subjects other than the listed agenda items).

10. Adjourn.