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CA State Park and Recreation Commission  

Agenda of the 9-19-14 meeting

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Meeting of the
Merrill Hall, Asilomar Conference Grounds, 800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove
September 19, 2014 - 9:00 a.m.


1.  Chair’s Report, Commissioner reports/comments, Recognitions.
   -  Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves as requested by Save the Redwoods League.
 Motion and Vote
   -  Adoption of a resolution commemorating the 150th Anniversary of California State Parks.
 Motion and Vote
   -  Review and discussion of Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act.

2.  Director’s Report. 

3.  Parks Forward Initiative update.

4.  Concurrence on the Director’s appointments of Mary Norby, Thomas Shea, and David Roger to the board of the California Citrus State Historic Park Non-Profit Management Corporation.
 Motion and Vote

5.  Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed agenda items).

6.  Forum on Management and Restoration of Natural Resources in units of the California State Park System. 
    Introduction: Jay Chamberlin, Chief, California State Parks Natural Resources Division.
    Coastal Resources:
   - Chris Spohrer, State Parks Natural Resources Program Manager, Santa Cruz District.
   -  Andrea Jones, Director of Bird Conservation, Audubon California.
    Forest Management:
   - Tamara Sasaki, State Parks Natural Resources Program Manager, Sierra District.
   - Sam Lawson and Richard Campbell, Save the Redwoods League.
    Invasive Exotic Species:
   - Mona Robison, Environmental Scientist, State Parks Natural Resources Division.
   - Doug Johnson, California Invasive Plant Council.
    Resource Inventory and Monitoring:
   - Laurie Archambault, Environmental Program Manager, State Parks Natural Resources Division.
   - Daniel George, SF Bay Area Inventory & Monitoring Program Manager, National Park Service.
    Resource Protection in an era of Climate Change – Two perspectives:
   - Dr. David Ackerly, U.C. Berkeley.
   - Ellie Cohen, Point Blue Conservation Science.

7.   Public Comment (a second opportunity for public comment – including comment on subjects other than the listed agenda items – will be provided at this time).

8. CLOSED SESSION* to discuss pending and/or potential litigation as permitted by Government Code section 11126 et seq. Conference with legal counsel to confer with and receive advice re-garding pending litigation when discussion in open session would prejudice the position of the Commission. [Government Code § 11126(e)(1) & (e)(2)(A)]. Center for Biological Diversity v. Cali-fornia Department of Parks and Recreation, and California State Park and Recreation Commission, Santa Cruz Superior Court Case Number CV177159.

9. Adjourn.

*The Commission will conduct a closed session pursuant to state law. The closed session will not be open to the public. The Commission will adjourn to an adjacent room for the closed session, and at the conclusion of the closed session the Commission will reconvene in open session to provide an account of any reportable events as required.