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Agenda of the 11-14-14 meeting

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Meeting of the
Garcia Auditorium of the Caltrans District 11 Building, 4050 Taylor Street, San Diego
November 14, 2014 - 9:00 a.m.


1.  Chair’s Report, Commissioner reports/comments, Recognitions.
A.  Approval of Commemorative Redwood Groves.      Motion and Vote
2.  Director’s Report.
3.  Presentation: Parks Forward update by Parks Forward Initiative staff.
4.  PUBLIC HEARING/ACTION ITEM: Consideration and possible action on the Department recommendation to approve the Preliminary General Plan and Environmental Impact Report for Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. 
 Motion and Vote      Motion and Vote     Motion and Vote     Motion and Vote     Motion and Vote
 5.  Presentation: The San Diego Foundation – Addressing the Critical Needs of Park Accessibility and Relevancy in San Diego County.
6.  Presentation: California State Parks Foundation – Understanding the NonProfit Sector Supporting State Parks. Foundation staff will present findings of their recent study, including a profile of the nonprofit sector supporting state parks, and a discussion of current capacity and areas of opportunity for park partners.
7.  Presentation: Facility Maintenance – Update on continued implementation of facility maintenance budgeting and identification of deferred maintenance projects.
8.  Presentation: General Plan Initiative – Update from State Parks’ staff on the general plan development and approval process.
9.  Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed public hearing/action items).
10. CLOSED SESSION* to discuss pending and/or potential litigation as permitted by Government Code section 11126 et seq. Conference with legal counsel to confer with and receive advice regarding pending litigation when discussion in open session would prejudice the position of the Commission. [Government Code § 11126(e)(1) & (e)(2)(A)]. Washoe Meadows Community, et al. v. SPRC Commission and Calif. State Parks Department; Cal. State Parks Foundation et al v. Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency et al (Case No. 37- 2013-00049797-CU-WM-NC, consolidated with Case No. 37-2013-00050001-CU-WM-NC).
11. Adjourn.

*The Commission will conduct a closed session pursuant to state law. The closed session will not be open to the public. Commissioners will adjourn to an adjacent room for the closed session, and at the conclusion of the closed session the Commission will reconvene in open session to provide an account of any reportable events as required.