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Meeting of the
Granzella's Banquet Hall, 457 7th Street, Williams, CA 95987 
April 29, 2016 - 9:00 a.m.

All items held in public session unless otherwise noted - All items subject to action by the Commission
  1.  Chair’s Report,  Commissioner Reports/Comments,  Recognitions    Motion and Vote   Motion and Vote

  2.  Election of Commission Chair and Vice Chair for 2016      Motion and Vote

  3.  Director’s Report /  Transformation Team Update

  4.  Legislative Update

  5.  Communications Update

  6.  General Plan Update

  7.  Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area General Plan     Motion and  Vote

  8.  CLOSED SESSION during lunch to discuss pending and/or potential litigation as permitted by Government Code section 11126 et seq. Conference with legal counsel to confer with and receive advice regarding pending litigation when discussion in open session would prejudice the position of the Commission. [Government Code § 11126(e)(1) & (e)(2)(A)]: Washoe Meadows Community, et al. v. California Department of Parks and Recreation and California State Park and Recreation Commission, et al., Alameda Superior Court Case No. RG 11-605742

  9.  California Citrus SHP Non-profit Management Corporation-Request for appointment and reappointment      Motion and Vote
    1. Reappointment: Pati Weir
    2. Reappointment: Alan Washburn
    3. Appointment: John Brown
    4. Appointment: Allison Ellingson

  10.  Consent Items* (reflecting staff recommendations) – Determination that the following concessions proposals are compatible with the classification and approved general plans for their respective State Park System units:     Motion and Vote
    1. Amend the fifteen-year contract with ARAMARK Sports and Entertainment for an additional five years at Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument
    2. Negotiate a new ten-year contract with the incumbent theater operator, Destination Cinema, at Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument
    3. Advertise a Request for Proposal for a ten-year concession contract to continue an historic-style, tobacco-themed retail store at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
    4. Revise the original approval granted by the Commission in 2008 to advertise a concession contract for tours and food services to include the cabin development project at Angel Island State Park
  11.  Transformation Team: Relevancy and History Pilot Project

  12.  Public Comment (on subjects other than the listed agenda items)
  13. Adjourn
*The Commission may approve consent items all at once without discussion. Any person requesting an opportunity to be heard with regard to consent items must complete a speaker form prior to the announcement of agenda item 6, Consent Items. If such a request is made, the item(s) in question shall be pulled from the consent list for discussion and/or public comment.